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Good Morning, Evening, Whatever...

Happy Monday in November. It’s been raining here, though it snowed a few days prior.

Here’s one of the most recognizable paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s huge. Last few times I visited, it was on loan to an inferior US museum.

Paris Street; Rainy Day, Gustave Caillebotte, 1877, AIC

And here’s a somewhat relevant poem by Yves Bonnefoy and translated by Mary Ann Caws I like:

A clamor, in the distance. A crowd running under the rain beating down, between the canvases the sea wind set clattering.

A man passes crying something. What is he saying? What he knows! What he has seen! I make out his words. Ah, I almost understand!

I took refuge in a museum. Outside the great wind mixed with water reigns alone from now on, shaking the glass panes.

In each painting, I think, it’s as if  God were giving up on finishing the world.

Have a wonderful morning.

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