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Good Morning Balkers: Ephemer-mall

White Flint Mall in Kensington/North Bethesda MD is essentially closed. I hear the Lord and Taylor is still open inside, but otherwise it's an empty husk.

I lived a quarter mile from that food court Rich Juzwiak couldn't stop staring at. I went to the Salon to get my hair done, the bank to cash checks or get money from the ATM, and the post office to send my landlord rent. It wasn't exactly bumping, but there were people inside often enough. Now? Well, the only thing the video needs below is tumbleweeds.

I don't really have any nostalgia for that experience - other than getting my haircut, most of the things I was doing there were pretty outmoded. I could be paying my landlord over paypal, cashing checks on my cell phone, and previewing books on a kindle rather than stopping by the Borders. I do remember that mall did have a Sharper Image, purveyor of all sorts of weird overpriced luxury gadgets, which should have been a giant red flag for SkyMall and its recent demise.


As a teen growing up malls did have an appeal as an arbitrary get away from home/school/parents destination. But obviously that's not a great way to sustain customers.

I've since moved and now live near a different mall that I'm guessing with suffer the same fate or will probably adapt to new standards for how people shop. There are still plenty of malls for me to go to. I do plan on avoiding certain death traps.

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