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Getting the best of you.
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Good mornin'!

Y’all up? I’m fixin’ to procrastinate then do 4 or 5 things for the rest of the day. No court for three days next week.

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Been meaning to chime in on accents by talking about Southern ones. Specifically, I am aghast at how badly they’re done on TV.

Worst = Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer.

Best = Obviously Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights + Nashville.

For the record, my accent has 0 drawl and is only “y’all” and no n’s on -ing words, plus a handful of weird pronunciations, including “lawyer” as “lah-ya.” Maybe that’s why I chose the profession?


Handy tidbit: Vivien Leigh was told to “slow down” her British accent to play Scarlett. That’s exactly what old fancy Southern people sound like. I cannot find a citation for this other than my dad telling me. That should be enough!

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