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'Girls' finale discussion thread.

I failed to recap the 9th and 10th episode of Girls and presume everyone's seen the (excellent) finale, so I'll just make this post a space for debating the different theses put forth by the finale.

From the Horvath family angle we have Hannah suffering attacks of panic and self-awareness because of her Tad's realization of his gay identity (evidenced by a change in wardrobe). Why is Hannah so upset about the dissolution of her parent's marriage? Does it tie in to Adam's stunning betrayal earlier in the season? Loreen seems only to occupy the space before her kitchen table as if she can not be distraught about Tad's gayfulness in line at the grocery store, while receiving a pedicure, or having a vision test administered at the optometrist's.


Shoshanna(h) definitely has the most exciting prospects. First, she has a man who is on a 'tenure-track' position to romantic love for Shoshannah. Shoshannah also feels love-potential for this man, but she is unexpectedly offered a job in Tokyo that sounds exciting simply because Tokyo's high concept is bright lights and vivacious crowds. This really sounds like an opportunity for Lena Dunham to pay homage to 'Lost in Translation', also, Lena Dunham herself has visited Tokyo and would probably like to work in her life experiences into the show. I have yet to read the summary of her trip but it should provide clues as to what to expect from the fifth season.

Jessa has a baby named after her by Laird's common-law wife and Adam's sister, [can't remember her name], who decides to have a water birth at home for her premature breech baby in the bathtub of her tenement, serving as an excuse to bring together Adam and Hannah together for a little conclusiveness, Hannah has been hurt by Adam and rightfully refuses an attempt at reconciliation in the NICU of the closest hospital.


Marnie, oh baby, Marnie, really comes into her own this episode, literally, because after Desi is verbally demolished by Ray at the café of which he, Ray, is manager, he disappears and Marnie has to go on stage at some music blog showcase and perform by herself. And that's how Desi + Marnie became, thankfully, just Marnie, who it turns out doesn't need Desi at all and now has a shot with newly-ascendant Ray. Which brings us to the important question: does she have to return the engagement ring?

Elijah is missing, presumably dead, as always.

At the end of the finale we see a short, useless epilogue that sees Fran and Hannah together "six months later". Yet, the fate of the other core and accessory Girls are unknown. This is a stroke of braggartry on Dunham's behalf to celebrate the renewal of Girls for a fifth season before the fourth season premiere. The only redemption would be the fifth season of Girls occupying the space in between now and six months, leading to Hannah strolling arm in arm with Fran down a beautifully snowed avenue, perhaps in time for Christmas.


Great lines:

  • 1. You're not going to get that assurance from me, because I fucking hate you.
  • 2. I'm going to be in love with you, soon.
  • 3. [Do you want me to play guitar? I'm actually pretty good.]—No, I'm pretty good too.
  • 4. Jesus Christ! Yes, let's always hope everyone we like is alive.
  • 5. [Various moans and screams emanating from Gaby Hoffman during childbirth.]

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