Back to School Week’s almost over.  Just got to make it through today, kids, and then we’re at a three-day weekend.

I might try and make it to see Kin while I’m out since it’s got Carrie Coon, Zoe Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, a Mogwai soundtrack, and Moviepass is featuring it today. Plus I don’t intend on going anywhere if I don’t absolutely have to for the next three days. I’ve got Ozark and Jack Ryan to get through. And I need to figure out what’s up with this laptop. I’m hoping it’s just the screen or a loose cable.

Here’s Some Stuff:

Something to think about on your way to work this morning!


Remember Shirley turning 52 the other day?

Have some Michael Caine too!



Because the 80's were a better, more interesting time obviously.