Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

As some of you know, it’s Homecoming Week at my school, and that means I have to be extra vigilant for vandalism. My first year at this school resulted in an egging and staining of my patio due to shaving cream. I have an old brick house, and it was a BITCH to clean off the egg.

This year I’ve been TPed twice (no big deal). HOWEVER, this morning I saw a swastika and “Beware of feminazi” on my front sidewalk. I used a hose and a scrub brush and still couldn’t get it clean. It has to be some kind of paint.


I am sofuckingpissed about this for several reasons:

1. Swastika. Duh.

2. I live right next to an elementary building, and little kids will see this when they walk to school.


3. I am a liberal in a bastion of conservatism.

4. I think I know the shit who did this but can’t prove anything until kids start talking.


The cops came, got a statement from me, and took pictures. I thought about calling in sick, but I’m not giving students the satisfaction. DEAL WITH MY FEMINAZI ASS TODAY, KIDS!!!!!!

***I am going to poof the pic in a few hours.

EDIT: Some former teachers got wind of this, so they took a power washer and paint thinner to my sidewalk. It’s gone now!

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