I got a generous gift certificate to BB&Y for my wedding and have been mulling over what to get. Combined with their ubiquitous coupons, I can go pretty big here. After days and days and days of research, I decided on a Breville Hemisphere blender. Yeah, I'm keeping it real, Yuppie-style.

So, all set to go when I get an email from Sur La Table. Because I'm even more Yuppified than the Breville would suggest, I am actually on SLT's mailing list and I actually read their spam. And they have this Wusthoff knife on sale for Father's Day, see.... So I flip back to BB&Y, and sure enough they have it for that price, too. Now I'm in a quandry.

BUT THEN I got a got a surprise 20% off a single item coupon from Sur La Table (I think anyone can use it, it's on their website — expires Sunday.)

So how brilliant is this? I'll get the knife from SLT, and the blender from BB&Y and with the coupons and gift certificates, it'll all cost me, like $50 for some serious kitchen luxuries that I would otherwise have a really hard time justifying to myself.


But not booyah. Not booyah at all. Neither 20% off a single item coupons can be applied to Breville or Wusthoff. The only things I want from either store. No booyah for me, only the searing pain of disappointment and disillusionment.


So please, when you're casting about looking for a source of catharsis, think of me, poor Yuppy me, having nothing to fall back on but a generous gift from a divorced-relative-by-marriage-I-literally-haven't-seen-in-twenty-years to fall back for my frivolous kitchen luxuries and weep.