So, this week we had the Thanksgiving luncheon planned for all the employees. At this facility, there are 6 managers, but this is in a category of everyone helps.

First shift is done with. The food showed up at 8:15 this morning, a bit early considering we were going to serve at 9:30. That caused a bit of a panic, but we got it done. Not without a lot of work from me.

Yesterday is when I was informed that I would be running 1st shift. This was set up and feeding. I also bought drinks and feeding supplies, as no one was sure that everything would be supplied by the caterer, who wound up doing a fantastic job. I only ate the pumpkin pie, because fuck turkey and green beans. And since I’m not a slob (that you know), I also cleaned up after this, too.

Needless to say, I’m not cut out for manual labor. Hauling cases of drinks for 250 people is a lot. My body is sore. And I volunteered to help out on second to cover for a supervisor who is out sick (she’s a good kid, but has been battling something that has been kicking her butt).

Is there a point to this? Yes! Never volunteer. And always make sure you aren’t the only manager in the office on those days of major events (3 out for training, one on vacation, and just me and the other manager were left - him putting out his work fires and me managing the meals and shit).


At least our employees are appreciative for this.  It’s hard work feeding and serving them all.  They make it all worth it.