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Fascinating random YouTube video

This strung-together raw papparrazzi footage from a 2006 Rolling Stones visit to Amsterdam is fascinating. It mostly made me feel sad for the Rolling Stones, who must never have a moment when someone isn't watching and no wonder Mick Jagger has taken to carrying around his own videocamera. That's brilliant. Other moments:

  • The dearly departed and awfully leggy and glamorous L'Wren Scott entering and exiting limos and luxury hotels to no fanfare while people scream for Sir Mick. She was such a talented designer. Sad.
  • Lizzy Jagger and boyfriend Sean Lennon holding hands and frolicking down the sidewalk
  • Keith Richards being incredibly good-natured for someone whose every ciggy break is stalked
  • Georgia May Jagger wearing some great sweater
  • Ron Wood and his wife Jo looking like people who figured out some great secret. Her silver hair is amazing.
  • Demi Moore acting extremely pissy (She says "Get the fuck away from us" to a camera and Ashton Kutcher turns into THREE ANGRY MEN). She was pals with L'Wren Scott so maybe that's why they were in the entourage?
  • People watching, everywhere, while they shopped, while they walked, where they went. How oppressive.
  • Charlie Watts looking like The Duke of Cool while window shopping.
  • Amsterdamians partying on top of a truck and seranading under the Rolling Stones' hotel window.

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