Let's talk fanfiction and in this case, I'll show you what I found when I unfortunately stumbled upon some mpreg LOTR fanfiction back in 2005. We already have a few shared pieces in our original post. Crogues has some of her own there—if you want to read something good! I liked them all, especially the choose your own adventure one! Share yours! Share others! Ones that you love! Ones that you are horrified by! And for those of you who are honest, ones that do both. IT'S FANFICTION TUESDAY

This is me discovering mpreg fiction on livejournal-July 30th 2005 from my livejournal:

Lately, I discovered a previously unknown fanfiction. Much like Plushies, there is a part of me that would have preferred to stay ignorant and yet I can't look away. Dude, it's MPREG fanfic—which is short for Male Pregnancy Fanfiction and predictably enough, it's mostly about Legolas. There is apparently something about Orlando Bloom that makes women want to see him impregnated with dreamy Aragorn or non-dreamy Gimli's baby, without the requisite girl cooties. There is apparently enough for an archive. Here is a little sample:

Elrond came to us throughout the day, sometimes alone and sometimes with the human healer, each time checking me to see if I here open enough to deliver our child. On this visit he pronounced me ready.

Aragorn helped move me onto my back, supporting my upper body with pillows. He fetched a basin, soaking a cloth to wipe my face. He looked to his father, eager to help but not sure how.

"Aragorn, why don't you sit on the bed?" He followed his father's instructions, taking my hand in his.


Elrond felt my belly, pressing gently downward. He spoke briefly to Janith, who left the room swiftly.

I didn't take notice to the healer's return. He handed something to Elrond. "I'm going to break your water."

The blanket was draped over my chest, calming my shudders. The lord pushed it up to my waist, helping to position my legs. "This will not hurt."


I caught sight of a long needle, a small hook on the end. He placed it at my opening and pushed in and upward. It was a strange sensation, but not painful. Soon a gush of liquid soaked the bedding. Janith rushed forward, clean sheets and padding at the ready. My lower region was gently lifted as the soiled cloth was replaced.

My belly felt odd, distorted somehow.,


"With the next pain, push." Elrond said, placing the instrument on a nearby table.

I didn't have long to wait, soon the pain was upon me and I did as I was told, feeling the babe slide farther down.

I went on like this for hours, clinging to Aragorn's hand with each new pain.

Elrond checked my opening, still unable to feel the babe's head. "Help me shift him to his side." He told his son.


Strong hands lifted and turned my body, careful of my healing knife wound. Aragorn resumed my back rub and Janith rearranged my blanket. The cool air caressed by backside and I shuddered, feeling the next pain begin.

Elrond sat behind me, keeping his fingers inside as I tried to expel my baby. "Much better. I can feel the head."

My left leg was shifted toward my chest, the pains coming faster. An unbearable pressure twisted thought my lower belly.



"I can see the head." Elrond said. "Once more, Legolas."

Aragorn moved down, wanting to see his child come forth. "He has dark hair." He announced a moment later.


"Again." Elrond was pulling downward on the baby, the small shoulders slipping through and than quickly the rest of it's small body followed. "A girl."

I held my breath, hoping against hope to hear a cry. Aragorn stood; watching as his father cut the cord that still attached my daughter to me.

If anyone looking at this has any insight into the need for this, let me know. Maybe it's that they just like the culmination of their hot sex fantasies about Legolas. Maybe there is some primal identification. Maybe it's a BDSM thing with Legolas and they want to see him hurt and rescued. Maybe they think that dudes are hawter with big stomachs. I dunno.


End post.

And later, if you are very good, we'll share the furry unbirthing fanfiction which thrilled and chilled our friend, Josie Grossie.

And next installment, I'll share you my ffxi fan fiction.

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