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Getting the best of you.
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Fall/Winter Holidays Are Coming Soon!!!!!

Reading the comments on Lindy's post about that batshit fundamentalist (who may or may not go trolling for dick at Griffth Park, but that's none of my business), reminded me that my favorite times of year are just around the corner.

Cooler weather! This means I can spend all day in the kitchen cooking and baking and only break a slight sweat.


Halloween! I actually don't care about it and haven't dressed up or passed out candy in ages (and urgh at the WeHo Halloween thing- what a shitshow), but I can get my hands on some candy corn. I only eat a handful before I have to throw the whole bag out for turning hard, but shit, I love that handful of candy corn.

THANKSGIVING. This is my day. An event. I spend weeks at least a month planning my menu and slowing stockpiling everything I need. What a wet dream for me: obsessive planning and tons of cooking. And all the leftovers possibilities! *insert Homer drool gif*


Hanukkah- this one is a non-starter because my Jewish boyfriend refuses to participate in anything. I'm not even Jewish but growing up my family would invite over our next door neighbors (a damn adorable German couple that escaped right before Hitler totally took over) and my dad would make dinner and we would light the Menorah and... (foggy memory) either Ethel or Fred would read from the Torah. My dad would made a blue and white holiday light string and put it up for them on the bush that straddled our properties. My brother and sister and I would sometimes go over to their house and light the Menorah with them. My BF is a bad Jew. He does love chopped liver, gefilte fish, and matzoh ball soup. Redeeming? I don't know!

Christmas! This doesn't do anything for me as I am not religious and my BF likes to celebrate a Jewish Christmas- Chinese delivery! Now that is something I can support.


New Years Eve. Meh. I get a bottle of champagne and make champagne cocktails. It is fun breaking out the fancy champagne flutes and my strip zester, which I only use on NYE.


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