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Fall birthdays! One in particular...

Fall means birthdays! Did you know the most common birthday in the U.S. is in the fall?! Can you guess the most common month for U.S. birthdays? You may even live longer if you’re born in this wonderful season.

This post has a hidden purpose.

What do y’all think Mr. M. wants for his mid-October bday this year? Here are some past successful presents:


[Important notes: Mr. M. likes cooking, classic cars, WWII history, tools, his grill, our pets, and video games. He works at home, hence the lumbar pillow. He hates it when I buy him clothes.]

My fall birthday tradition - it’s finally cold enough down here to hit my favorite chain restaurant, where they give you a bowl of cheese and bread to dip in it.


Who else is born in fall?? Am I supposed to capitalize the names of seasons? Will I live longer than my winter-born sister despite my boozy ways?!

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