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Ever Sent Gawker a Tip?

Since GM has finally become what was always destined to be (a place that only exists to talk about GM), I’m wondering if anyone has ever fed the machine?

I was the person who sent the tip and magazine scans in about Laura Prepon’s scientology article. I feel gross about it now. Also, I did it when I was at my father’s house for his birthday. As with most family celebrations, we spent most of the time not talking and I was on his computer. So, I sent the tip on his e-mail. Now if Scientology wants to destroy anyone it’ll be him! Except for how I just admitted to it now... Actually, really it was mostly his idea. Like 99% him.


It’s funny because you can see in the comments when I start to feel shitty about it. And use things like “some of her best friends are gay!” arguments I would never normally use to defend her.

Also, I can prove I actually felt bad about it even before Gawker imploded.…

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