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Does Anybody (Else) Think the House Judiciary Chair Should DISALLOW Any Member Who Has Not Read Mueller’s FULL Report From Asking Questions When He Sits …?

Does anybody else doubt that the Republicans would do the same were they in the majority?


Does anybody think the majority members should be petitioned?

Does anybody else remember how many hours then-Secretary HRC sat (11) in those Benghazi hearings, let alone how many more hours of Benghazi hearings there were?

Does anybody else remember then-House Oversight chairman Jason “No Obama Phones For the Poors” Chaffetz literally pledging more of those hearing if she was elected?

(Not that there would’ve been any point to them at all, in stark contrast to the literal national security EMERGY we have here, given the demonstrated Republican intransigence to putting anything in place that would remotely resemble election security. Not that “no point” would ever stop a Republican in charge of anything who thought s/he could make some more money and punish some more marginalized people as a result of whatever little project presented itself.)



Just in case you want to see if your favorite Congressperson is on the list, and you’re feeling chatty and want to shoot the breeze complete with some NATIONAL EMERGY substance, with a member of their staff a few dozen times between now and the hearings on the 17th who needs to know that their constituents are CONCERNED about this.


Think about it – we wouldn’t have to hear Louie Gohmert’s mouth. “Gym” Jordan’s, either.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump can’t give a straight answer about the subject. More than a dozen members of Congress readily admitted to POLITICO that they too have skipped around rather than studying every one of the special counsel report’s 448 pages. And despite the report technically ranking as a best-seller, only a tiny fraction of the American public has actually cracked the cover and really dived in.

“What’s the point?” said Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who like many other lawmakers recently interviewed in the Capitol acknowledged they hadn’t completed their own comprehensive read.


How about “IT’S YOUR JOB, and the American public is paying you to do it”, Senator??


As usual these days, asking the Committee on behalf of a few hundred million American friends ...



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