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Getting the best of you.

For example, he retweeted this from the Toronto Star’s Washington correspondent Daniel Dale: “News: Trump now appears to be endorsing the Fox News-promoted idea of sending veterans into schools with guns. He says ex-Marine, ex-Air Force people could ‘be spread evenly throughout the school,’ and that could ‘solve your problem.’ ”

Schur added the message, “This is maybe 1% less dumb than arming teachers, which still makes it the second dumbest f‑‑‑ing idea in the history of America.”


Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, claimed in a radio interview Wednesday that “so many” people who commit mass murders “end up being Democrats.”

Dicker responded by arguing that most gun crimes take place “in what’s euphemistically called the inner cities involving minorities, and they’re the ones that Democrats generally are going to bend over backwards to protect.”

“Obviously there’s a lot of politics in it,” Tenney said in response. “It’s interesting that so many of these people that commit the mass murders end up being Democrats … but the media doesn’t talk about that either.”


“They don’t care about our school children,” LaPierre said near the start of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest annual gathering of American conservatives. “They want to make all of us less free.”

Shortly before LaPierre spoke, President Trump tweeted a message of support for him and the others working at the NRA as “Great People and Great American Patriots” who he said would “do the right thing.”

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrumpWhat many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


These are all quotes from today’s WaPo. I’m beginning to wonder what’s causing mass stoopidity among Conservatives (I mean, they’re stoopider than usual!)


The article above has a moving video by a student who survived the Parkland Massacre. He’s very well spoken and direct about what needs to be done. He’s followed by video of Trump, arms folded across his chest in defensive body language, Trump is obviously lying as he talks. That’s how he looks when he’s cornered and trying to weasel out of being held accountable.

“Highly trained, gun adept, teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive,” Trump said in one morning tweet.

In morning tweets and later in a “listening session” at the White House, Trump claimed the strategy of arming teachers would be far less costly than hiring guards. He said “gun-free” school zones make it like “going in for ice cream” for school shooters and said on Twitter that with his strategy, “ATTACKS WOULD END!”


Is this what it was like when Rome was burning?


Under the “Dickey amendment” — named after former congressman Jay Dickey, an Arkansas Republican who was a strong NRA ally — the the CDC can’t use money to “advocate or promote gun control.” While the amendment doesn’t explicitly ban research on gun violence, it has had a chilling ripple effect on federal agencies beyond the CDC and even on privately funded research across the country.

Ironically, Dickey has since reversed course, indicating that his amendment was misguided in light of the wave of subsequent school shootings. Before he died last year, the former lawmaker expressed a desire to turn gun violence research “over to science and take it away from politics.”

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