Kelly McEvers produced this audio documentary about lives of war correspondents during the deadliest year for journalists during the Iraqi War.

One of the biggest lessons for me was that it's all about perspective. It's one thing to talk about this stuff casually with friends (and with yourself), but it's another thing to really dig deep and try to prosecute the ideas, especially when it's your own life that's on the stand. Doing this kind of work is hard, and it takes time.

When Jay and I started this back in 2011, he suggested I record diaries as I went along. No expectations — just record what comes to mind as it's happening. It sounds easy, but for me it was hard.

Just that simple act of stepping back, removing myself from the moment, was a struggle. Some of the diaries were unusable, mainly because I wasn't able to step back far enough, or because they were just too sad.

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