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Getting the best of you.
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Day-old Roundup! Yours for only $5.99!

It's a steal!

So, I wrote an open thread instead of a round up yesterday. Oops!

We've been having lots of fun with our advertising theme.

Yesterday and today began with our morning ritual, and um, hello!! It was Chrono's birthday yesterday! And it's Wednesday today, you know what that means.... Brain Candy!


Granddad's post made my heart grow two sizes. McCoy's Mistress got us talking about health stuff, while Ebola had an animal situation. Pie got us singing all the dramaz & zhandi filled our day with a hysterical, cray cray video. Owl brought us the pretty and equally pretty, and let us know about some baby penguins that need naming. LaChate asked about the new Netflix series, and got some pretty good discussion going on. Snack is going window-shopping again, and finding neat stuff. Dawnell gave us very important cooking advice.

Confession: I'm not much of a live-action animal movie person. I watched Black Stallion a few times when I was younger, and I just couldn't get into it. I also had to watch that cartoon movie with the horse and the scary fire scenes a bunch of times ... Black Beauty? The Last Unicorn? :/ Getting all of my hoofed animal movies confused. Michael Bolton portraying his namesake was really funny, though.


Anyway, that's about it. Have a soda. On me.

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