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Damn it, Katie

I love the way SNL has been mocking Trump, but now one of their writers mocked his son on Twitter (she deleted the tweet after 3 hours of criticism).

This pisses me off for multiple reasons.

A) I don’t think children, even celebrity/politicians’ children, should be subjected to public scrutiny. (Even though Donald fights with teens on Twitter. To the best of my knowledge, Barron hasn’t done anything to deserve anyone’s wrath.)


B) Considering someone has already suggested Barron may be on the asbergers/autism spectrum, Katie’s now linked (however jokingly) a child on the spectrum with violent behavior.

C) People who already hate SNL because they mock Trump are now calling for a boycott of the show and NBC. I hate that Katie’s stupid tweet gives them legitimate fodder for criticizing the show (though she tweeted as herself, not on behalf of SNL or NBC - but still).

Damn it, Katie.

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