Who cares if they’re healthy? They’re yummy!

Despite being a vegetarian and sometimes vegan for the better part of two decades, I have been a happy meat-eater for most of my life. Neverthelss, spinach was one of my first favorite foods as a kid. I still love it so much. I started wanting huge salads as my main meals for lunch and dinner by the time I was eight. I didn’t discover brussels sprouts until I was eighteen because no one in my family liked them, but I found them to be tiny bites of perfection when I first tried them in a German restaurant.

So, without further ado, I refute zhandi’s assessment.

Mushrooms: Delicious. Especially button. But crimini, portabellos, truffles—yum. Psilocybins are less yum of course, but can still be worth eating. (Also, I should mention, my seven-year-old would hasten to point out that mushrooms are not technically a vegetable.)


Olives: Please. One of the best fruits we refer to as a vegetable ever. These are a special holiday treat in my family and make me think of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Green Bell Peppers: Well, okay. I don’t really like these all that much. I loved them immensely as a child but I can’t eat them very well anymore. Still, a well-stuffed one can still be a delectable feast.


Artichokes: This is perhaps one of the best foods ever. I have a friend who makes these amazing stuffed ones from a family recipe passed down from generations of her New Orleans kinfolk. Personally, I like them simple, with butter. They are sweet and unique and I have loved them my entire life.

Fiddlehead ferns: I have no earthly idea what these are but now I am very eager to try them.

Avocados: Another fruit we refer to as a vegetable and absolute perfection. So rich and filling and often sweet. I like them in salads or with cheeses or with eggs or most often, just eaten right out of the peel with a spoon. Do you know how to pick out a good avocado? Check for spots and firmness of course, but then pop the little stem out and see if it is green underneath. That will tell you whether there are hidden brown spots inside.


Tomatoes: I’m actually very, very picky about tomatoes. I only like home-grown or farm fresh ones. If they’ve been refrigerated at all, they seem to lose a lot of flavor so most grocery bought ones I can’t stand. But a good fresh tomato tossed with some vinegar and salt? Yum.

Veggie pizzas: My kind of pizza. My favorite is black olive and mushroom. Though I also like spinach and broccoli on them if the options are available.


So tell me, what veggies do you love?