Hello! Monday is over! Yay! You made it!

Let’s get right to it.

First of all, we continue to send mrsfinch our good thoughts on finding a canine rascal companion:

Photo of the Day obviously goes to Marvel:

Honorable Mention goes to dawnell because I am hungry and I miss being able to make dinners that require turning on the oven for more than 15min or so. Please give me chicken pot pie, too:


COMMENT OF THE DAY belongs to both Squirrel and k2b because you gotta laugh through the pain sometimes:

I’m about to get into bed because I have high hopes of getting up early and running before I pick up my CSA box in the morning.


Has anyone seen/heard what happens during a false start on the track at the Olympics?? It’s terrifying! There were huge horns, and it sounded like they just fired the starting gun a bunch. I thought the world was ending for a second.

Do you feel like you made it through Monday in one piece, or was it a false start?

Note: I had to edit this a couple times for formatting and spelling :)