Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.


BackTalk was its usual hive of witty repartee today, but I don’t think BT’ers will be leading the fight against the machines when the AI arrives. Since, y’know, we can’t even master 21st-Century technology. Owl’s mister challenged poor Siri’s search capabilities, while Locally Grown Garden Marvel defers to her cat’s superior technical prowess. Mediumrarefied’s cat gets it too, but may not be trying to help. Violet blames her phone for her interest in her sister’s, um, health. And yawndi keeps trying to make Siri blush.

Seriously, that thread killed me. If you missed it, go read.

Gerdie is fucking hilarious.

Scavvy brought the d’awwww. Imakeokaybeans also makes okay racoon art.

oldwomanyellsatclods pointed out our collective lack of on-the-spotness. And here’s a nod to each and every person who posted in the rare Team Dog thread except Snackster and k2b, who will be first against the litterbox when the revolution comes.


But the comment of the day goes to reddpanda, who is wise in the ways of historical cuteness.

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