Getting the best of you.


A tad early because timezones (Mod Note: Originally posted at 3:55 but bumped with permission and an open post). It was a close call between two people. There was dawnell, who sounded suspicious denying something that right up until that comment nobody had been suggesting in the first place. Then there was livesquiggles whose sleep-deprived mind made sense of stuff that no well-rested person could ever wrap their head around.


And the winner is... livesquiggles! Congratulations!

Also, this is my first actual post on Backtalk! And it’s a COTD post because I haven’t had anything else interesting to post yet. SOON. But not next week because I’ll be without internet.

Feel free to have an open thread and discuss whatever you want : )

ETA: As pointed out by Owl, there is also a great comment by Jerry-Netherland that I missed, about how Peggy Lee pioneered the act of getting royalties for the use of music in a movie.

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