I was introduced to cookies by my peers in elementary school. (We ate sweets or biscuits at home.)

Inspired by my lunch, here is my top favorite cookie:

Crunchy outside, soft inside, with generous chocolate chunks.

Cookies I miss:

Chips Ahoy had these microwaveable cookies in a plastic wrapper so you could have the effect of fresh baked cookies without much work.


My mom made candy cane cookies when I had to take stuff to school for the holidays. They were just sugar cookies but she cut the dough in half, dyed half red, dyed half green, rolled out strings, and wrapped them around each other in a candy cane shape. I maintain their color made them taste better and my classmates wanted them because they were pretty.

My mom also made rose "cookies". There was a special batter flavored with cardamom and sugar, some sort of stencil thingy shaped like a rose on the end of a wooden stick, and we'd dip the hot stencil in the batter and then quickly into pot of hot oil, they'd float off, and then she'd fish them out, and dry them on napkins. They were crunchy fried sugar things.

Bourbon cookies, which are not in fact cookies, but chocolate cream biscuits sandwiched by chocolate bricks with sugar on top.