Damn, I was freaked out when I got up today. You would think think the Dems had elected a cabal of female ISIS warriors disguised as candidates instead of some very inspiring young women. I am Jewish and I found nothing objectionable about Congresswoman Omar’s comment. My husband lobbied on Capitol Hill for 30 years and had been involved in socialist politics in college. He introduced me to many friends who evolved (or devolved as the case may be) from socialism into neo conservatism (neo cons). Many neo cons work for AIPAC. A Venn diagram showing the relationship between neo cons and socialists would show the overlap at Jewish and Zionist. I heard about money being raised to support pro Israel politicians and the pressures applied to the pols who didn’t get with the program. Neo cons are not known for their diplomacy. They are in your face the minute you go even one degree off plumb with their agenda. They tend to make pre emptive strikes on their political adversaries. I find them obnoxious, rude, and out of touch with history.

My first reaction this morning was this- Dear God, can we please not do this now! Honestly! I used to read about pivotal points in history when a few people, had they worked together, could have stopped a war, averted a tragedy but for the stubborn determination to hold a grudge or to spite a rival. We cannot let the press in its feeding frenzy do to these members what it did to HRC and others. We have to treat an attack on one of them as an attack on all of them, because it is.

On Sunday night I heard Black women complaining about Kamala not being Black enough. The attacks were flying at the same time on Sen. Warren for her handling of the Native ancestry issue. She needs to shut that down NOW. Best advice I ever heard from a politician would be good for this, ‘Never complain, never explain.’ I love all these strong, ambitious young women. I want to badly for them to succeed in helping us shuck out the old geezers. The freshmen women had barely arrived in the Capitol when the gropers let the hate fly. It is obvious that we need a game plan that will allow these women to defend themselves while attacking their political adversaries without sinking a felow Democrat.We need to have some sort of parley, a mini training camp to get us ready for the next 2 years.

Instead, I hear way too many nail-biting Democrats complain that the party doesn’t have a leader, that there are too many people thinking of running, that so-and-so is the best and the others should stand down. And don’t get me started on the political teenage crush du jour.

Every Democrat who wants to run should run. There’s no such thing as too many candidates. Yeah, yeah, on her Nov. 25 show, MSNBC’s Joy Reid stood in front of the head shots of 32 potential aspirants, some not as serious as most of the others on the list. But trust me, most who hit the trail won’t make it to the first debate.

When I asked Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, if my analysis of his party was correct, he basically agreed. “To paraphrase that old saying: Democrats want to fall in love, Republicans just want to win,” said Steele.

Democrats, if ever there was an election to not make the perfect the enemy of the good — to stop looking to fall in love and to start falling in line to win — by rallying around the nominee, whoever that might be, 2020 will be it.

Unseating a sitting president is not easy. In my lifetime, there have been just two one-term presidents, President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993). We’ve had three two-term presidents in the past 24 years. So, evicting Trump from 1600 in 2020 will be a heavy lift. Democrats need not make it harder by hobbling their nominee with needless infighting that distracts them from what must be their No. 1 goal.

Finally, don’t fall for the false narrative that Democrats don’t have a message. They absolutely do, as the midterm elections attest. Health care. Jobs. Fairness. Equal treatment under the law. And all of this can be discussed without responding to every one of Trump’s rhetorical, social or policy plunges from norms and decency.

Next, circle the wagons around the nominee. President Trump is such a threat to the rule of law, American democracy and the liberal world order that the United States spent more than 70 years building and helping to maintain that nothing matters more than making him a one-term occupant. Thus, who cares if the eventual nominee isn’t your “one.” Who cares if the eventual nominee only meets 80 percent — heck, 50.1 percent — of your checklist? Evicting Trump should be the most important item on that checklist.


I once had an argument with a Xtian coworker who called me antisemitic because I thought Netanyahu belonged in jail. He was outraged that I had stopped giving to Israeli charities because of their occupation of the West Bank and the lack of rights for Palestinians.

He tried to give me a hard time but I gave it right back. I love my country but don’t think I am unpatriotic because I think every Republican president in my lifetime is a corrupt hypocrite who whose allegiance t0 their corporate masters puts us all at risk.


I have to say something that will piss people off. All these machinations to get the “right” person as governor of Virginia. That bird ain’t gonna fly. Fairfax had the benefit of the doubt when the first accusation came in. The first accuser said the encounter started out as consensual but then Fairfax abruptly tried to get the girl to perform oral sex. She says she was shocked, didn’t want to do so, and felt pressured to against her will. I figured it was a case of poor communication between two relative strangers. The second accuser said he tried to compel her to perform oral sex. The two stories were so similar that I began to wonder. The first accuser had also made her accusation last year to the WaPo. They concluded there was no way to establish fault since the encounter began with consent.

Northam isn’t going to resign. I look around and there really is no Democrat available that would be acceptable to all. I will not make excuses for him. The soft prejudice of upperclass Southerners is often shrugged off because they couch their contempt in beautiful manners and smiles. We are stuck with him. I wanted to know what his Black constituents thought,since they were the most affected if he stayed in office.


The following is an excerpt from an interview on NPR:

But now, there’s new information about what Virginia voters think from a new poll conducted by The Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. It finds that Virginians are split, but in ways that might be surprising. I’m joined now by Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School. 

ROZELL: The breakdowns indeed are very interesting because we are seeing that Republicans want the Democratic governor to step down not by a huge majority - 56 to 42 percent. But Democrats want him to stay. And independents are split, just like the general public overall. But I think a more important breakdown is on race. African-Americans by a fairly sizable majority say that the governor should not step down - 57 percent saying that.

And I think one of the most interesting if not the most interesting finding in this poll is that there is a huge chasm between the Democratic Party elites and their rank-and-file party identifiers in the public. And we cannot know for sure, of course, in every case whether this was a sincere conviction or if it was based on some judgment that it was politically necessary to jump on this bandwagon and demand that the governor step down. But whatever the case, that is not the sentiment among Democratic Party voters.

MARTIN: So finally, though, digging back into kind of the history here, you also ask people if they had worn blackface or knew someone who had.


MARTIN: Tell us what you found. And what do you make of the answer?

ROZELL: Right. Eleven percent of Virginians said that either they themselves had done so or they knew someone who has done so in the past. Now, in my network, that’s surprising. I don’t know anybody who’s done that. But I’ve heard other people say maybe 11 percent is even too less. You know, that - they think that many more people at least know somebody else. But this is always a problem with surveys, and we all know this, right? That when you have an uncomfortable question like that - have you ever worn blackface or know somebody who has done so? - I am sure that there are a good many people who are just not willing to admit to that to a pollster. And we can all understand why.


Before I finish I want to remind everyone what our sensei, Rooo, as worked so hard to teach us. Remember that much of what you read and hear should to be vetted by you in real lifebefore you trust in its veracity. You cannot trust media to get information right all the time and now the pressure is on to distort and distract. The Russians, Republicans, plutocrats, and the rest of the seething Horde have a vested interest in keeping you huddled and frightened in your home, distrusting normal institutions and demanding protection from the media created bogeyman.


I am starting to correct anything I hear said that distorts the truth. No one is going to repeat disinformation in my presence and leave without a correction. We need to adopt an 11th commandment-”Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Democrats”, this must become our mantra on the way to 2020. The fascists are going to try and savage us in public opinion. They cannot succeed if we all stick together.

Other than that, I don’t know what to think. You?