Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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Catch Up in the Cross Thread

Hi kinja family, how’s it going? This is the some what weekly cross thread that’s hosted at Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Powder Room, Odeck, Tay, Oppo, Backtalk, Clashtalk, CrossTalk, Gawrker, and The Salad Bowl.


Some blogs host more often ‘cause that’s where the hosts have authorship privs-if you’d like to host, please let me know!Hosting involves posting the cross thread, including links to all the membership blogs in your post, and sending me an email/tweet/kinja notification with a link to your post.

What things do you like and dislike about kinja? Like I appreciate that kinja added all these new editing tools, but why can’t they give me a multishare? I really really should figure out how to script that....

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