I originally wanted to ask about cigarettes, but I realize that I could probably broaden it to include all habits that may be not-so-great, whether it be for health reasons, money, just generally annoying to have to do, being illegal, etc.

1. What's a habit/addiction that you wish you didn't have? (Mine being caffeine, as I can't go very long without soda without getting headaches)

2. When did you pick up this habit? (when I was a kid, and we ran out of sprite and I drank diet coke instead)

3. Why did you pick it up? (diet coke tastes goooooood.)

4. Why would you like to give up your habit? (because it's a pain in the ass to always have to drink soda just to avoid a headache)


5. Would you go back and tell yourself not to do it if you could? (eh. probably not. i'd like to not have such a high caffeine tolerance, but I've been slowly cutting back and it's not too too bad now)

Mostly I want to know if peer pressure was ever a big factor, or if you just decided one day to pick it up.


I had a friend once tell me that I didn't understand smoking cigarettes because I never picked up the habit. he only picked it up because he was bored and stressed and just went out and started smoking one day. his parents didn't do it, only some of his friends did it, but all of them told him not to bother doing it, because it wasn't worth it. maybe it was advertising/seeing it in movies that did it? it just seems strange to me to make the conscious decision to do something that you know will cost you time and money and possible health problems.

Smokers, i'm really sorry if that sounded bad. I know smoking is a complicated thing and most people don't just say 'eh, might as well start doing it,' but it always seemed so strange to me to know that someone would.


eta : I really really really don't mean to sound judgy with this poll.

I really don't care what you guys do on your own time, as long as you're safe, because I love you all very much.


it's your life, live it uuuuuup and