I'm watching the 2013 remake of the movie Carrie, and of course, I can't help but compare it to the original 1976 version.

Why do people do remakes if they aren't going to bring anything new to the table?

The 2013 movie is basically the same story as the 1976 version, but somehow less compelling. The acting isn't as good. There is no nudity, and it seems far more prudish than the 1976 version, I suppose in light of our increased sensitivity to issues like teenage sex and pedophilia and whatnot. The kids in the new version actually look like kids; the "kids" in the 1976 version were probably closer to 30 in real life. The new version fleshes out Carrie's discovery of her powers a bit more, but it doesn't do enough with it. The story surrounding the powers ends up feeling *more* incomplete somehow.

Has anyone seen the 2013 version *before* the 1976 version? What are your thoughts? Do millenials prefer the newer version? Is it possible that I prefer the 1976 version because of nostalgia rather than superior storytelling? Do some prefer the newer version because they just like things to be more modern-y? Or do they prefer the newer version because they have terrible taste?

ETA SPOILER: Then her powers got godlike and cartoonish. Ugh. This movie was not even slightly scary. Special effects are not a substitute for effective storytelling and acting.