Thank you to our dear Overlord Snacks, for picking a most righteous theme for the week :)

In light of the Canadian music bracket closing, and Leonard Cohen being named the supreme winner, let us numerate on the scores of Canadian artists who were left behind or forgotten.


Canada has several different thriving music scenes. While our world contributions are controversial (Yay Neil Young! Boo Celine Dion) there are plenty of talented artists that never really jump the border. It's such a common occurrence that my boyfriend and I devised a game called "Has-Beens or just Canadian famous?"
I'll start with what I know, which is BC. There is so much music, and so much to love that please, I urge other Canucks here to educate us about your scenes.
Wednesday and Thursday we'll move across the country until we land in the other scene I know well, the East Coast!

But to assure our American friends that Canadian music did not end in the 90s, some modern sampling of the scenes above the 49th parallel:

From the West:

I don't actually like Mother Mother all that much. Or rather, I don't like their fans. They tend to be fervent and slightly unpredictable. Like maybe they will stab you for saying you don't really like Mother Mother.

The West Coast is pretty into Hip Hop. There aren't a lot of local artists that get much play outside the area but Sweatshop Union is one that even made it the the East Coast where I saw them for 10$ in a bar the size of a living room.

I had to include this one because I love everything Twin Peaks. And because beyond being fun and talented this band is actually quite socially aware and even did some work for Vancouver's downtown East Side.


Also Dan Mangan. Please, everyone, listen to this man and be in love. I would post his whole discography if I could!

This man, oh this man....

Alright, technically Shad would be part of the Toronto scene. But since he moved to Vancouver to do his Masters at SFU, I'm calling dibs on him!

What Canadians bands do you think don't get enough love?