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Getting the best of you.
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Canada: more than Tragically Hip

I love music of all kinds, but I love ballads and folk songs the most I think. Canada is rich with great music no one else has heard, or if they’ve heard it, not realized it is Canadian. Here’s a sampling:

Valdy. I have no idea why he’s not better known

And his best, a cover of Wilf Carter

I first heard Connie Kaldor when I was 20 and a volunteer at my community theatre. It was deep winter, but after her show I spent my cab fare on her album and walked home at midnight. I can’t find any of those early songs on YouTube (Jerk! With a capital G, is a true gem) but this is another one I think Backtalk will appreciate. She calls it a she-shanty

No paean to our music is complete with out the big three:



And of course, the Guess Who, who apparently Lenny Kravitz didn’t know were Canadian when he sang his version of this at the Grey Cup aka our Super Bowl:

Of course, I have to mention amazing throat singers like:

And the amazing (albeit country) voice of Rita McNeil

As someone who was raised on Irish singers, I love love love ❤️ Great Big Sea

Finally, one simply is not Canadian if one cannot sing along to:

I think it’s part of our citizenship requirement.


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