Here’s a poser! Can you name the days of the week in alphabetical order? National treasurette Victoria Coren-Mitchell hosts one of the joys of BBC2, a labyrinthine quiz show called Only Connect where competing teams are asked to determine connections between a series of clues. There is a time factor and the fewer clues you need, the higher your score. It can be a bit of a stinker.

Tonight’s episode had a question about the days of the week, four of which had been sequenced by the number of letters. Ancient Alumni worked that out after two clues, Sun 6, Tue 7. They would have been followed by Sat 8 and Wed 9.

As an aside poker-ace Coren added that we are so used to to saying the days of the week in sequence that it is almost impossible to say them alphabetically. Painful even to do it that way. She suggested it is a good bet. One of her contestants tried and nodded sagely as he mangled it.

I was going to take that as gospel. There’s a logic to what Victoria says. Except I had a go. OK, I was counting on my fingers at the time, and you’ll have to take my word for this, but I cracked it. I can name the days of the week alphabetically. Is that further proof that I’m weird?