...whitehouse.gov, you guys. It was wiped bare on Inauguration Day and nothing has happened since.

Oh, wait. It’s been turned into an information-and-guidance-devoid campaign site for His High Heinousness. (sorry for his face)

No, guys, fucking SERIOUSLY. Look at this shit.


Let’s get a look at that “survey”, hmmm...???


And here’s the kicker: that shot above of the OMB links to “Prior Administrations”? Guess where they go:

Thaaaaat’s right, folks. To obamawhitehouse.archives.gov. The only way you can have any hint of policy from the seat of our national government is to GO BACK IN TIME to when the previous dude was in office. Bless the tempus subterfugiting superstars who had the sense to bother at least that much.


I mean, it seems tiny. It’s bad that we hear offices aren’t filled still - the State Department has been sitting around doing crosswords for two months FFS. But the thing is, not only is there no work being done but there is no transparency at all in the highest office now. ZERO.

Look at the site now. Really look at it. The more I look, the more freaked out I get at how completely not-representative of a democracy, how propagandy doubleplusungoodness, how egomaniac shinything it looks.

And I work with people who think all this shit is okeyfine. Send me kittens.