Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

I'm a huge believer in synchronicity. I know it's just that I notice it more in my life than some other people do, but it has led me to some really interesting discoveries. As a lifelong autodidact, I approve.

Sometimes I just talk out loud, putting something "out there" and I'll get an answer or more information or whatever within days. Sometimes it takes over five years, as in the amount of time I spent whining for a perfect, lightweight, cord free device for checking email and the web, until the world created the iPad for me.

But world, you are letting me down.

I need, we ALL need, sugar manufacturers to start packaging brown sugar in airtight, moisture-proof 1/2 cup packs. Sell them in packs of ten, for bulk. Sell them individually at a higher price for convenience. I don't care, just give me what I want!


The cookie monsters of the world will thank me for this.

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