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BT Reminder: Because I Care

It’s almost V-Day! The time of year we all hate the most, because we want to get some serious snuggle bunnies, but instead have to spend time getting offspring set with their cards to hand out and boxes to make for them to take to class. For your convenience, here is a PSA that has nothing to do with that:

That’s not the PSA. This is:

AVOID RESTAURANTS AT ALL COSTS!!! Even stupid Denny’s will have a wait to eat food that will give you the runs, which isn’t good when you are catching a flight (this might be speaking from experience, but I won’t go into details about airport bathrooms). Don’t even order pizza. Just get some frozen foods you can microwave, or boil some noodles. Something easy. The kids won’t eat anyway, because they will be hopped up on them sugary treats they got from their stash of Valentine’s Day cards. And they aren’t going to share the good stuff from those cards, only the black licorice and chalky texture candy heart knock-offs that are significantly worse than the original candy hearts. Greedy little shits.


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