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Brain Candy: Dried Grid Puzzle is an Aphrodisiac

Welcome back to Brain Candy! FDA-approved logic has been known to release endorphins, lower stress, and drastically reduce my work output on Wednesday afternoons. All good things, in my book. My boss's book is different. Hers is wrong.

Today's grid puzzle comes from

5 people are standing in a queue for plane tickets in Germany; each one has a name, an age, a favorite TV program, where they live, a hairstyle and a destination.

Names: Bob, Keeley, Rachael, Eilish and Amy

TV programs: The Simpsons, Coronation Street ("Corrie"), Eastenders, Desperate Housewives and Neighbours.

Destinations: France, Australia, England, Africa and Italy

Ages: 14, 21, 46, 52 and 81

Hairstyle: Afro, long, straight, curly and bald

Where they live: A town, a city, a village, a farm and a youth hostel

1. The person in the middle watches Desperate Housewives

2. Bob is the first in the queue

3. The person who watches the Simpsons is next to the person who lives in a youth hostel

4. The person going to Africa is behind Rachael

5. The person who lives in a village is 52

6. The person who is going to Australia has straight hair

7. The person travelling to Africa watches Desperate Housewives

8. The 14-year-old is at the end of the queue

9. Amy watches Eastenders

10. The person heading to Italy has long hair

11. Keeley lives in a village

12. The 46-year-old is bald

13. The fourth in the queue is going to England

14. The people who watch Desperate Housewives and Neighbours are standing next to each other

15. The person who watches Coronation Street stands next to the person with an afro

16. A person next to Rachael has an afro is bald

17. The 21-year-old lives in a youth hostel

18. The person who watches Corrie has long hair

19. The 81-year-old lives on a farm

20. The person who is travelling to France lives in a town

21. Eilish is not next to the person with straight hair

ETA: Thanks to dormouse, I've revised clue #16 to fix an error/patch a redundancy.


*Beware of the comments, there be spoilers*

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