Welcome back to Brain Candy! I had help in the special riddle kitchen this week, hat tip to teapot. Everybody is welcome in the riddle kitchen, guys. We wear cute aprons and boop confectioners sugar on our noses and everything. To RSVP to our next cookie party, or if you have any puzzle suggestions or requests, I'm at Gerdiesingstheblues@gmail.com.

Today's lateral thinking puzzle comes to you from Rinkworks.com:

Adults are holding children, waiting their turn. The children are handed (one at a time, usually) to a man, who holds them while a woman shoots them. If the child is crying, the man tries to stop the crying before the child is shot.

What's going on? The website provides at least two possible answers.

*Beware of the comments, there be spoilers*

ETA: You gluttons ate all my puzzle! Have another, also courtesy of teapot:

Four men met every Thursday at lunchtime at the Turkish Baths. Joe, a musician, always brought along a tape player to listen to music. Jack, a banker, brought a thermos containing a drink. Jim and John were both lawyers and brought books to read. One day in a mist filled room, John was found dead with a deep wound through his heart. The police were called, and they questioned all three suspects, but they all said they had seen anything. A search was called, but no murder weapon was found.... What happened?