Story. Your life. It is amazing.

So you're a professional drummer, right? And you manage to just POOF yourself and your massive drum kit around, which is way better than a van that smells like gym socks. The best part is that you get to do it all over the TANGLED universe, which means musical numbers galore for you to jam on...I fully expect you to hang at that sketchy criminal bar like, all the time. I just don't think your roasted string beans snacking will go over well, criminals tend not to like their veggies, even in Disney movies. Whatever, you can always just retire to your massive mansion and talk to all the pigeons that probably congregate there with you since you can talk to them. Better make sure that you can POOF other people too, though, since your mama may have to get into the Disney universe now and then when you're caught being too kick ass.

Dude, you better figure out how to do heavy metal ballet because drummer + pirouettes = AWESOME. Maybe that's what you got arrested for. Or maybe it was having whatever color skin you want. Purple? You can totally seduce Star Trek cadets that way. I bet that's how you got your own personal shopper. You were just too cool for school, what with INVENTING THE HEATMAP and running your own manga cafe. You're just too freaking busy. Good thing you're a freaking saiyan, right?


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the person who will make sure that "She liked a good story" is carved properly on your gravestone and die immediately because he cannot live without your BIRKHOFF.

It's time again for another round of MASH!

Never played MASH before? Check this out. How can we play MASH on the internet? Go see Snacktastic's inaugural run!


So here's the deal: Story645 has to come here and give me THREE answers for every prompt (if in the mood, whys/wherefores are appreciated). Then go watch this video and tell me how many seconds before forced to stop watching (this is my replacement for the spiral/tick marks). I'll tally up the results and come back with the guaranteed, never fail future as dictated by the gods of MASH.

The questions!

  1. What's your dream job?
  2. Significant other: fictional characters only edition!
  3. Non-traditional mode of transportation? (Not a car or a motorcycle, think outside the box.)
  4. You have to live in a movie. Which one?
  5. What one food/foodstuff you could eat without consequence?
  6. You can communicate with one type of animal, which one?
  7. You've been arrested for being too awesome. Pick someone to call to bail you out.
  8. What do you want carved on your gravestone?
  9. You can instantly master one type of dance! Which one?
  10. Pick body part that you can change at will, a la Mystique.
  11. You can have one live-in employee (e.g. maid, nanny, make up artist). What do they do for you?
  12. One album/book/piece of art/movie/invention/whatever that you are actually responsible for making? (Like now you recorded London Calling, not the Clash.)
  13. You're running your own small business. What is it?
  14. Cage Match! Chose your weapon