Well, It looks like your username isn't super appropriate for your awesome vacation spot...maybe you'll bring some damp with you to your house in Marrakech.

Though I will say that being able to go to the souk in your invisible chopper whenever you want for inspiration for your perfumes and some amazing black and white photography has got to be super duper awesome. I'd just suggest leaving any friendly wolves you happen to be talking to at home. That feels a bit like a disaster waiting to happen, right? And I dunno if Maeby Funke would be the best person to call for bail money if you got arrested for canine antics, it feels like she'd be the one in the cell next to you, though maybe you'll never get busted since you have the element of surprise on your side. Definitely more effective than calling Spike the Hedgehog, though. His wallet's not too big, but thankfully he won't take up too much space in your house.


Better make sure you've got a lot of free time for signing autographs. Fans of Honeydew are going to be wanting ALL attention not to mention making hazelnut lattes all the time. I mean, they are named after you. At least you can change your hair at will to hide from your adoring fans. Plus, key lime pie with raspberry coulis sounds like it would be really good with hazelnut. Now I'm hungry. THANKS A LOT.

And when, at long last, you give up the ghost, James Worthy will only live long enough to make sure your gravestone has "Love is the Answer" spelled correctly.




You've got the dubious distinction of being our very first shack owner, BF! I've just decided that we use "shack" post-ironically around here and that it's actually a reasonably priced and spacious home. Whatever, I'm in charge DON'T QUESTION ME. I mean, you're gonna need all that space for the mastodons you brought back from extinction and your horse.

And since you'll be working for Richard Branson, it's not like you can't afford the space. Especially with your live-in personal stylist needing a room of her own, and a walk in closet. Or five. You'll just have to run your travel agency on the side. Maybe you're managing all the requests for trips up into space on Virgin Galactic! Good thing you can teleport, or I'm not sure how you'd get all that done and still have time to go get your new Alice in Wonderland scene tattoo.


And you know what's super cool? With your new ability to play piano, you can play Chandelier whenever the hell you want. Just be careful with the sword, don't want to go around smashing those precious fingers. And don't let Churchill play with it when he's drunk. That's a disaster waiting to happen.


And you're a lucky son of a gun, getting to eat mashed potatoes whenever you want without consequence. As if that's not good enough, you'll be giving Charlie Young a lot of BadFleffers (formerly known as blow jobs) in the coming years. But keep your hands off Burton Guster because he is MINE.

Want to know more about how we play MASH on BT? Check out the "Who wants to marry Hotlips?" tag. And NameChanged, I'm still waiting on your answers here!