Getting the best of you.

Hello lovies! I have a Big Event™ coming up on Friday and it occurred to me literally this morning that this is the first time I’m ever going to have to do my own hair for an event of this caliber.

I have naturally huge, curly hair (a Jew-fro, really) and right now it’s that weird shoulder length that comes while growing out a bob. My dress is super retro so I figured I would do a curled bob thing a la Dita von Teese and/or Ava Gardner.


So. I have two sets of sponge rollers, some capricious natural curls, and a drag show’s worth of Argan oil, leave-in conditioner, and if I wash my hair tonight it’ll probably have settled enough by Friday morning that I can actually do stuff with it. Does anyone have any wisdom? (My own hair pics available upon request.)

ETA: Oh, and if I absolutely have to I can totally set everything on Thursday night and pretend to be glamorous with a scarf tied around my head and some huge sunglasses on while I run errands on Friday morning, but anything that means I can shower (or at least quickly shave my legs) after I get city-gross would be ideal.

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