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Today’s lunch. Not from Spudulike.
Photo: SPR (SPR)

Alas poor Spudulike. It seems so easy, sell baked spuds and they will shift like hot potatoes. Except they don’t and the Edinburgh fast food chain that was synonymous with baked potatoes has dismissed around 300 staff and closed all 37 outlets. Weren’t there more?


I can’t recall the last time I went to a Spudulike. They were never a regular stop-off. Apart from home cooked baked potatoes, my main nostalgia leans to a fad in the late Seventies to early Eighties for spuds cooked in a Victorian style coal-fired stove that looked like it should be hitched up to a horse. There was a chap who bought one with his Ford’s redundancy money then haunted pubs, clubs and markets in South East London. A nice hot potato with a pint of beer was often just the thing. Where did those stoves and their operators go?

As a fast food chain, Spudulike probably lacked distinction, even if Wayne and Waynetta Slob did name their daughter Spudulika. Any sandwich bar worth its salt offers a baked spud and salad as a staple part of the menu. Digging deep into memory, the last time I opted for a baked spud was from a kiosk at Gunpowder Wharf at Portsmouth following the Great South Run. Might have had a splodge of chili with that?

Still, it’s a shame to see Spudulike drop off the face of the high street.

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