So, Grandad and I were talking on the tweeters about doing some kind of video game online together. Or more like, I was telling Grandad that he should come and PWN things online with me and he was like "That's seems like a reasonable plan." And then I thought—THIS COULD BE LIKE A SUPERFUN THING FOR ALL WHO WANT TO COME. So what I was thinking of is that some of us could get together and do something really old school—i.e. MUDs.

Now if you don't know what a MUD is, it's like a MMORPG without the graphics. It stands for Multiuser Dungeons. I played them about around 2001-2003. I played mostly Achaea—I might even still have a really old character though I'd like to start anew because I don't think I even remember anything about how to play. There was a related one from the same developer called Aetolia, which had vampires and shit. I played it a bit. It's very similar to Achaea in it's game mechanics.

Now if people know others, they could definitely be a possibility. I just think it'd be fun to play with others and I know those MUDs are active. Let me know guys! It could be hours of scrolly old school video fun