Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Grandad woke us up with gusto in spite of it being a Monday and there being six more weeks of winter.


Blameitonthecroutons told us to blame it on Punxsutawney Phil and the Cult of the Groundhog.

EasttoMidwest analyzed Steve Zissou as the flawed father he represented.

Grandad reposted intherain's art prompt for an additional chance to be creative.

Snax debunked some Groundhog Day myths for movie buffs to debate.

Garden Frosted with Snow had some good news! SPOILER ALERT: NEW DOGGEH!!!

Gamecat told us about a song we should know.

Scanvenger'sDaughter gave us the official quiz worthy of Bill Murray week that we need to take.


And finally Snax found some really cool stuff on the internet and asked us to share our cool finds too!

(By the way, BT Mods- am I supposed to choose the COTD or just pick the nominees?)


COTD nominees: k2b burnin' for crazy amounts of cuteness, dawnell for nailing the ultimate Groundhog Day comment, and Garden Frosted (cuz I think we can all agree on "FUCK PUPPY MILLS"!).

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