Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Baby heffalumps, but no woozils

This is upsetting and informative at the same time. Watching an elephant lash out at an infant is shocking. They are known for their close ties among members in a herd and are so devoted to each other. It appears that an older member stepped up and caused the bad tempered “auntie” to back off and leave the young mother and her infant alone. It appears the older elephant was hitting down, taking out her bad mood on lower status members unable to strike back.The baby’s screams are so shocking and heart wrenching.

I remember trying to get the kids out of the pool when they were young. Just another minute, Mom!

There are 60,000 muscles, I am told, in an elephant’s trunk. It takes them several years to gain control of the trunk. Until then they do a lot of trunk twirling trying to make it do what they want.

This little guy is so frustrated with his trunk he is trying to step on it to show it who is boss.


My life often feels like something I need to step on to show it who’s boss. My life never listens and goes on doing whatever.

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