So I awoke late because I was up late momming and wifeing, I woke up to smoke smells and fire truck sounds and I could see the fire was close.

I went outside and saw many neighbors talking about the fire, which was on the hill behind the RV parking area of our park, within minutes ash was raining down in a mild way and the air was not fun to breathe but not a big concern.

Then my phone rang and it was an automated call from the fire department strongly advising that I "pack a bag of valuables and evacuate" so I told my daughter to get dressed and get her blanky while I gathered dogs, cat, passports (Spain!), my Kindle and my laptop (for the family pictures) and we loaded up the car, I'd say it took us about ten minutes which is pretty good considering I was not dressed and that my daughter packed three full bags of "important" stuffed animals.

There were police on every block directing people and it was a shitshow at the front gate because they weren't letting anyone in and people were coming to get their stuff. In the end everything is fine except for a couple of decks on a house and I imagine one of my neighbors is having a bad day :

KRON4 reporter Chuck Clifford reports that a resident who was upset with the fire response was arrested for throwing an unknown object at firefighters.


Have you ever had to evacuate your home/work??


I am home and just fine! sorry to leave that important bit out :)