Girl coffee pizza pizza pizza car frown tear. You know emojis have arrived when it made itself into the NY Style Section. Now I love me some emojis as you know, though I miss the skype pizza plus bear emojis—"I am a bear of pizza" and have to satisfy my self with skeptical cat flies in a plain for an ice cream soday.

Here is one man's quest to better understand how to write in emoji:

Eventually I was replacing words with characters, adding a series of flexing biceps to the encouraging "you can do it!" text. Then one day I spent a full 10 minutes obsessing over the perfect way to say "I'm a writer. I don't do math" in a message to my accountant: [Girl symbol] (meaning me) + [Pen and paper] (writer) + [calculator] (math) = "?!?!?" Right, it doesn't sound so complicated. But by finding said emoji, putting them in sequence and spacing them out, I could have typed the statement 17 times. Mid-composition, I got a phone call from a source I had been waiting to talk to. I pressed ignore.

And a history:

The roots of smiley faces and emoticons go back to the 1880s, but the story of the emoji, those little pictorial icons on your cellphone, began in Japan in the mid-1990s when it was added as a special feature to a brand of pagers popular with teenagers. It wasn't until 2008 that a uniform emoji alphabet was created (the idea was to minimize inconsistency across platforms), and Apple adopted it in 2011, adding it to its iOS5 operating system.


When I was young and had a blue manual typewriter, it never occurred to me that I could have a wan smile :) in all of my writings to my fourth grade teacher to give it that extra something something. "Laura Ingalls survived through the long winter, only because the wagon train finally made it through with a shipment of food and shoes for Pa. She was like a >:3." I would have gotten and "A+ :D"!!!!


The Emoji Have Won the Battle of WordsThe Emoji Have Won the Battle of WordsThe Emoji Have Won the Battle of Words

Emoji begin to dominate the conversation. Read on

This is a wonderful instrument for expression and most of us has realized that emojis give that little extra visual punch. A slight tip of the cat icon let's you know how amusing the banter you had with your friends was. I mean, Nabokov is a stitch! How can I express it but through wine glass wine glass wink wink train flower?


Certainly. 😉♻︎

Do you even speak emoji? Try this quiz!


PS. I miss ANSCII art