I don't have any areas of expertise (perhaps filtering results for internet pornography?), and certainly not in the canons of television construction, but after this past Sunday's episode of Girls, Lena Dunham's ongoing documentary series on the anthropology of the American female, even I was able to see the creators had gone to great, implausible lengths to present synchronized themes in the storylines of Hannah, Shoshanna, the Marnie-Desi-industrial complex, the Jessa-Adam binary, Ray's impending collision with the boundaries of sanity.

Shoshanna has seven more interviews and the episode opens with her most recent and most disastrous one. Shoshanna is not a good fit at this particular company. When Shoshanna is dismissed from the interview, she does not leave, but stays planted in her chair like an adventitious root. The interviewer goes through the gesticulations of someone who must gather the flotsam and jetsam of their life after their most recent social interaction goes over like a tsunami; still Shoshanna does not leave. Shoshanna asks, What is wrong with me? Confess me of my failings, redeemer of sin.* The interviewer places her hand on Shoshanna's forehead but quickly draws it back.* The flesh of her palm is scalded and peeling.*

Hannah is creatively constipated, which is a problem because if she fails to produce work for her seminar she will not be dismissed, but even worse, ignored. She doesn't have substance but the vacuum demands something to fill the void, because of course, this is a television show and things must happen. Just as someone once said of Law and Order, Yes, it is unrealistic they get the perp almost every time, but that is because hypothetical episodes where the justice runs its course to a fruitless finale are not shown.


But Hannah has controversy. Just last week in both of our universes she was eviscerating her classmates at the Poet Party with her blunt, hominid teeth. This time she writes them an apology letter critics are raving is 'defensive' and 'not an apology' and shoves it in their cubby holes in an act of literary violence. Needless to say it does not go over well at seminar and save for a soft lesbian advance it only garners her the status of class crybaby. Hannah's professor politely informs her her antics are not a sign of visionary new talent but rather a lack of it. Hannah goes home to her apartments in the suburbs of Manhattan to find Adam has a new girlfriend in what used to be her apartment whom I thought was Jessa from behind but turned out be another pretty, matte-faced blonde.


Where the fuck does Hannah find the money to quit out-of-state graduate school, which must be orders of magnitude more expensive than my community college education, just to fly home to New York and take a taxi-cab instead of public transportation. Is it possible for Shoshanna to find another matrix to experience personal growth besides paid employment, since she seems to subsist on manna from heaven. This may be tied to the appearance of Hannah's father in Iowa, looking bleary-eyed, who several times over the course of an evening tries to have a spontaneous, emotional bond with Hannah but finds his advances rejected as if he were a lecherous gentleman caller.

Elijah is still in Iowa, I guess, feeding on the armies of untapped gay boys as numerous as kernels of corn in the wheatfields. His power grows; soon he will be Gay Vampire King of Iowa.*


Jessa pisses on Marnie's garbage duet demo with Desi at a bar. Shoshanna joins them later and also urinates on it, although she does it more gracefully, like a show dog. It is so nice to see the Girls together although the absence of Hannah is like an explosive dead man's switch.

Shoshanna wanders through the streets and finds Ray shouting at the line of cars stretching from one block to another because of the installation of a traffic light. He beseeches them to, Stop honking their cars, because it's driving them insane. They go on a day trip so Ray can go buy underwear in a distal sector of New York but Shoshanna demands that Ray demonstrate some self-esteem and takes him to one of those botiques where half the store is emptiness and one t-shirt costs 70 USD!!! Afterwars Shoshanna tells Ray, He was such a nice stepping stone on her way to a better place. Shoshanna is blunt but Ray is not and therefore can't give her that linchpin of honesty she really needs, that she is both wonderful and unbearable, like a flame, warming but untouchable.


Marnie receives a series of disordered knocks and slurred mating calls at her door one evening, it is Desi, he wants to be together. Clementine knows about them, he has confessed. She deserved to be cheated on because she herself has thought about another man. Desi's gross and transparent in motive but the shirt he's wearing really complements his musculature and the dusky gloss of his shoulders, and although he makes a few plaintive whines that look really 'gay' he quickly finds himself in a position to prove his affinity to Marnie's vagina.

*Sentences marked with an asterisk were edited out from Sunday's broadcast of Girls.