Bumping to remind our awesome volunteers.

UPDATE: We got this week covered. THANK YOU

We are trying to do a a daily round up of all the awesomeness that happens here on BKT, and with Owl Is Lost taking leave and Cheerful ExGirlfiriend still on vacation, we need some volunteers. I will be bumping this post if needed throughout the week.

Here is what we are looking for in a round up:

  1. You only need to link original BackTalk posts. We want to keep this about BKT so there is no need to include shares to our page (but we love shares, so please keep sharing!)
  2. You can make it wordy or just have links, or anything in between.
  3. "Round Up" should probably be somewhere in the title, but please make the title your own and have fun with it. If you do a tagline please include "BackTalk Round Up"
  4. Find the most recent Round Up (this is why tags will help everyone) and whatever the last entry on it is, the following original post should be the first entry on the newest Round Up. Including Round Ups on Round Ups is okay.


This all might sounds confusing, so go here for some guidelines, here (in the comments) for additional tips, and check out this, this, and this for inspiration.

Questions? I'm here for any help or inquiries about the technical side of Kinja.

As it stands now (and I will update as more volunteer):

Monday: Cli0

Tuesday: Madam Puddifoot

Wednesday: Snacktastic

Thursday: Clio

Friday: Cherith

Saturday: teapot

Sunday: zhandi