Getting the best of you.

I was on a plane to Arizona, I believe and as usual I picked myself a window seat, next to me was a woman and a guy who I would later determine were probably in a relationship. That will become evident later. It’s a short flight from LA to Pheonix, my aunt insists on flying me there when I visit, can’t say no to that!

I’m one of those people who absolutely can’t stand someone making little noises or tapping or sniffling or what have you. I work really hard to curb this but, this guy sits down, gets settled in with his headphones, and immediately starts tapping on his legs. Basically he’s drumming along on his legs. I figure he’ll stop eventually but for however long my sanity could take I finally tap him on the shoulder and ask him to stop. NBD to the max right?


Bitch in between us is like “Oh he’s a drummer he has a show later”


Bitch, no one asked you!

Because I am a rational disembodied penis and I am trapped in a window seat with these people I said nothing. He stopped drumming. She said her two cents. I went back to gazing wistfully out the window at the southeastern landscape.


But seriously, why the fuck is him being a drummer an excuse for being annoying in a public place? Guitar players don’t bust out their accoustic guitar on an airplane when they have a gig later. I’ve never seen a concert cellist attempt to practice in an airplane. Drumming on your seat is what children do when they can’t sit still. Grow the fuck up both of you! Why do you feel the need to justify your bf’s childish behavior lady? I do not care what his plans are later in Arizona. I care that with headphones on I can steal hear and see him tappa tap tapping on his knees. This isn’t a hoedown, this is an airplane, sit still and if you need to practice your drum skills that bad maybe you’re not as good as you should be. This memory comes up from time to time and, although I don’t regret not saying anything, I still can’t understand why she felt that was necessary to say. I don’t fucking care about your life, I just wan’t to sit on an airplane in peace.

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