Okay, so this happened about a month ago. And today I got another half dozen bottles from a different company.

I don’t drink alcohol. We very rarely cook with it. We took one bottle out of the last box and gave the rest to my sister.

Whoever is doing this, if you must continue, you might as well send the alcohol straight to my sister’s house to save time.

This company needed a little more time to convince that I didn’t order anything. The other company first tried to tell us that it was a gift and we shouldn’t worry about it, but this time clearly something was up. Anyway, both companies were nice and just told us to keep the wine, probably because sending back bottles is expensive.

Between the two boxes of wine that I didn’t order, I also received some kids books (that were at least easy enough to send back since book clubs are used to that sort of thing) a sample of sleep medication I haven’t tried yet, and some skin cream that I think is one of those “free” things you get for paying postage (haven’t even bothered to call about either of these as I didn’t pay the postage anyway). I have a few other things that really just look like samples that I may have actually ordered like several months ago.

And now I am waiting for someone from Birchbox to call me.

I am tempted to open the box, but I’m not going to unless they are nice like the wine companies. But possibly they will want this back and it will probably be easier if I don’t open it.


I did a credit check a few weeks ago and did not see any mysterious credit card that I didn’t know about, so I am not being charged for the stuff yet. But I really don’t get it if someone is pretending to be me and isn’t trying to get me to pay for this stuff.