Either yesterday or the day before yesterday I got a package when I wasn’t expecting one. It’s a couple of ink cartridges. Okay. I vaguely remember one of us ordering some ink cartridges, but that was months ago before all the nonsense and I’m pretty sure that we got those already. Maybe we signed up to get them sent automatically to get a discount and then forgot to cancel? Anyway, if that’s the case I guess we’ll get stuck paying for some ink cartridges, but at least ink cartridges is a thing that we use (haven’t checked yet to make sure they are the right ones for our printer). I haven’t seen yet where/if/how we have paid for them or are expected to pay for them.

Today I got four bottles of wine. It is from some service that you sign up for and they send you four bottles each month. Again, I do not remember ordering this.

And there is a really good reason I do not remember signing up for this. As some of you might remember, I do not drink alcohol. I do not use recreational drugs other than caffeine, sugar, and chocolate. There is no way I would have signed up for this, even if the first box was free.

I just have no clue.