Mrchien and I both grew up food stamps poor. So not only did our families not stock soda in the fridge on the regular but if we got soda it was going to be a generic brand. On the west coast that meant Shasta. My sister and I once sent a letter to the company proclaiming our love for their soda. We were quite delighted when they sent us an envelope full of Shasta swag! This may have started a month long flurry of writing companies in the hopes of getting more swag. (I keep telling mrchien he should write Toyota about his love for his prius!)

So this morning mrchien wakes up and announces that we need to go to Food 4 Less, stat!! When I finally woke up enough to ask, why. He regaled me with a somewhat involved recounting of the dream he had this morning. Said dream left him with a hankering for a taste of his childhood too.

So we broke into our change jar and headed to the store where we acquired the goods. For your amusement I'm attaching pictures from our trip. And please feel free to share the drinks of your childhood too!

(Oh and I'll never understand the appeal of cream soda, but fizzy red kool-aid was my jam when I was 6)